Adding Load

This weeks Stats:

  • Swim: 14000m
  • Bike: 240km
  • Run: 55km
  • Training Time: 19.5 hours

This week the focus was to to add run volume to my program. The additional run volume meant a little less swimming and biking over the course of the week to accommodate the extra run KM’s but that didn’t mean slacking off. Despite my run needing work, the weekly track session is still one of my favourite session each week.

IMG_4468My love of track was tested as my program had me turn up early and run 15x400m on 2 min (5min pace) before the main set got underway. The main set was then suppose to be 3km, 2km then 1km building pace. My 3km quickly became 5km as punishment for running the first 3km too fast. I managed to hold the quicker speed finishing in 22:30. I then did the 2km un under 9 mins before running another 2km alternating between 200m easy and 200m hard. When all was said and done I clocked up 19km for the session.

The track session was a taste of things to come with endurance becoming the theme of the week. Friday the annual BondiFit Christmas Swim, this year it was a 5km TT. My goal was to go out steady with the goal of breaking 90 mins. At the halfway point I was 31 seconds behind schedule, going out in 45:31. I thought I had picked up the pace over the next 500m only to find out I had lost another 6 seconds. Fortunately by going out a little easier I had enough in the tank to peg back the differential over the last 2kms, eventually coming home in 44:13 for a 89:44 overall.

On Saturday I hit centennial park for some laps to get IMG_4488some extra KM’s in. Despite the boredom of 12 x 10km sets (2 flat laps & 1 hill lap) it was a great session to get some quality KM’s. I working on holding  solid pace throughout the duration with middle 10 sets all around th
e same time splits. Finishing off the week was the second of two 90 mins run for the week. After already running my usual course on Thursday I opted for a change of scenery on Sunday and had an amazing run around the botanical gardens with an out and back lap over the harbour bridge for good measure. All up it was another solid week and the body seemed to handle the extra run load quite well.

The next two weeks will be challenging with the holidays making it a little harder to keep the volume up but I will be doing my best to stick to the program. Two weeks down and 6 to go!

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