Bump in the Road

This weeks Stats:

  • Swim: 7500m
  • Bike: 261km
  • Run: 22km
  • Training Time: 16.5 hours

IMG_4541As every aspiring athlete would know, progress when training in never linear and I was reminded of that this week. Last Sunday on my long run I rolled my left ankle 20 mins in to the 90 minute session. It felt innocuous at the time as I was able to continue running after a brief stretch, I did not pull up well the following day. With my training plan only having one run until boxing day, due to the holidays throwing things out a little, I took the first 5 days of the week off running to give things time to settle. I also had it looked at by my physio as I have also had some minor discomfort in my right ankle for a couple of weeks. Good news is no major damage however I have impingements on both my ankles which will require constant stretching and rolling along with anti-inflammatories as required.

The weather wasn’t kind either which provided further disruptions to the training schedule. Nevertheless, I still managed to get through a decent amount of training. Swimming was a little slow as kicking was not ideal with my ankle still inflamed from Sunday. Riding was my one saving grace as it was largely unaffected. The majority of this weeks cycling was strength/endurance work with the TT bike taking a breather over the holidays.IMG_4616

The rest from running through the week did my ankle the world of good. I had a two hour slow run in the program for boxing day so I headed out early, optimistic that I could get at least a few solid KMs in. After feeling a little ginger early on, the further I went the better the ankle and the whole body felt. After starting at 6 min KMs I covered the last few of my 22km total at 5:30 pace which felt rather easy. As far as holiday training goes, it wasn’t too bad a week, a little less volume than I would have liked but with the coming week off work I will be looking to get a little more training done.

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