The Build Begins

This weeks Stats:

  • Swim: 17000m
  • Bike: 287km
  • Run: 43.5km
  • Training Time: 22.5 hours

After a false start my first week back from a week off in Thailand, my now 8 week block ahead of Ironman 70.3 finally got underway. Sitting down with Coach Spot Anderson midway through the week, I was given a reality check that things were going to get tough.

Up until the meeting, the week started like any other week. My lone sleep in Monday morning, followed by a swim Monday night, hill bike session Tuesday morning and a track run IMG_4312.JPGsession Tuesday night. After our post Wednesday morning swim session I knew it was going to be a big weekend. Rather than hitting Bondi for the regular surf swim after the mornings bike/run brick, I had to run a further 90 mins on top of the run intervals that were part of the brick session. On top of that, rather than being saved from the swim session, I hit the pool in the afternoon for a 2000m test set and a further 1000m of swim down. Add in a cheeky 30m run after Sunday’s 4 hour bike ride and it made for my biggest week of training EVER.

It looks like a sign of things to come as we do more work on my run! Next week has a few more curve balls thrown in to get the run km’s up so it will be another tester ahead of Christmas.


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