Running Riot

This weeks Stats:

  • Swim: 16,000m
  • Bike: 241km
  • Run: 36km
  • Training Time: 18.5 hours

Working on my TechniqueThis we will go down as not only one of the key weeks of this build but potentially the most important of my short triathlon career so far. While I’m not a terrible runner, it is my weakest leg. The additional training volume since taking up triathlon has exposed my sub-optimal running technique which has resulted number of minor injuries and niggles which have stopped me from reaching my potential. That could be about to change. I have been working of my technique with coach Spot for some timer. Despite his guidance I just hadn’t been able to crack the optimal running formula. Like a scene out of Big Bang Theory, one of BondiFit’s more accomplished runners walked into the room at the start of Thursday’s run session and solved my complicated running formula with one observational comment. He didn’t know it at the time but it has made a monumental impact on my running ability.

The subtle change I made to my run technique off the back of his comment saw all the cues Spot has been drilling into me fall into place. All of a sudden I was running much faster than usual, at least 30 seconds per km, at a much higher cadence with much less effort. My heart rate was not impacted at all and I experienced far less fatigue. I could not believe it, how could such a small change have such a big impact. I focused on the change again during Saturday’s run which followed a hill repeat bike session and Early morning rll out with the crewI got the same result. I ran my 3.5km flat lap of the park comfortably and to my surprise managed a 4:25 pace when I would usually be working overtime to break below 5:00 after a hill repeat bike session. It has certainly increase my optimism and belief that I have the potential to reach my triathlon goals.

The other key session for the week was Sunday’s long ride. Instructions were to lead the group to the start of the Royal National Park but once there, Let Rip. The national park from top to bottom is a hard slog at the best of times. I managed to push some handy numbers all the way to Austinmer where we would re-group with the slower riders who entered the park half way down before heading back through the park. The 50km return leg ended up being a solo effort with my time only 1 min 18 seconds behind the out lap. Despite doing limited speed work so far this preparation, I am happy with my ride form for the 90km effort to come in Geelong. That said, it is a much different proposition when all three legs come together.

With only 3 weeks till race day every session counts!

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