Getting on With It

This weeks Stats:

  • Swim: 23,000m
  • Bike: 402km
  • Run: 40 km
  • Training Time: 21 hours

IMG_6156It has been a month since my last training blog and there has been plenty going on. At the time of my last post I was a week out from Norwra Oylmpic Distance which was going to be my last race going into Cairns Half Ironman. Unfortunately, my season has been cut short and reaching my goal of qualifying for this years 70.3 World Championships is now out of reach. I saw a specialist the Wednesday leading into Nowra to find out what exactly is going on with my toe and as it turns out, I have been running for the past three months with a torn planta fascia at the base of my second toe. In an attempt to avoid surgery I had an injection the following week and have had my toe taped ever since, leaving me unable to run.

I decided to race in Nowra anyway as I couldn’t do much more damage running a further 10km but fate had a way of intervening twice. First, I lost my spare tyre after hitting a bump on the first lap of the bike leg meaning a flat would mean my day was over. I ended up getting that flat on the second lap, 500m from where I lost my spare. I rolled on the flat tyre and was lucky enough to find it on the side of the road, only for the spare to flat a few hundred metres later.

IMG_6109With the injection out of the way following Nowra I have to wait until the 1st of June before I find out if things are progressing sufficiently to avoid surgery and hopefully get the all clear to start running again. I made the decision to withdraw from Cairns given even if I am cleared, I won’t have the preparation time to get my run to where it needs to be to qualify. Also, with my history of run injuries I am likely to over do it trying, so I took the tough decision to take a step back and focus on the big picture.

With the injection working a treat and the swelling in my foot finally gone after three months I have been back training hard over the last two weeks. Without being able to run, I have increased my focus on the other three triathlon disciplines: Swim, Bike and Nutrition. On the latter I had a visit to my Nutritionist, Kate Johnston of Kore Well-being to dial in my nutrition plan now that I am effectively in my offseason and I have reaped immediate benefits. I have also upped both my swim and bike volume which has actually seen me chalk up more training hours per week over the last two weeks than I was doing when I was still running.

I have added two swim sessions to my program which means I am now swimming over 20km per week. I have already noticed an immediate improvement from the additional swim load, which is no doubt also due to not having hard running sessions the night before my morning swim sets. I have also added additional bike kilometres to my training which has taken my weekly load from 250-300km per week to over 400km each week. While the immediate benefits of the additional bike load has not been as significant, I have seen some improvements and have also been able to adapt to my new TT position much quicker. It is amazing IMG_6157how some small tweaks to you bike position can result in a increase in power output and endurance thanks to improved comfort.

My immediate focus now is to work hard on my swim and bike over the next two months before I take a well earned break. Hopefully,

my toe continues to heal so that I can avoid surgery and get back running before too long. As far as racing goes, the 70.3 worlds on the Sunshine Coast means that there are no more Ironman 70.3 races until late November early December so I have plenty of time to get prepared for my next World Champ Qualifiers to book a spot to Chattanooga Tennessee in 2017. I am also pondering adding another goal to next season which is also exciting. For now, I’m looking forward to seeing how much progress I can make only have to focus on just my swim and bike.


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