Feeling Inspired

This weeks Stats:

  • Swim: 9,000m
  • Bike: 117km
  • Run: 22 km
  • Training Time: 10 hours

IMG_5807This week was my final of three back to back travel interrupted weeks of training. This week saw me in Melbourne for the weekend, where I was in the unfamiliar position of being on the other side of the fence, in the role of supporter. I was in Melbourne where my partner Bec was competing in her first powerlifting competition. She is a true inspiration, hitting her PB in two of the three disciplines and going within 1 lift of her PB in the other. For those of you who think you go alright in the gym, she can squad and deadlift more than twice her bodyweight. Try that next time you are doing a strength session.

Playing supporter meant I took the whole weekend off training which I hope will benefit me over the weeks ahead. However, I did still manage to get some training in this week. After getting off the plane from South Korea Tuesday morning, I got in a solid trainer session following a quick stint at work. It was great to flush the legs after spending over 12 hours commuting the night before.

I was back in the pool Wednesday morning and didn’t know what to expect. It was the first time I was in the water in about a week and I was either going to IMG_5730struggle to get the arms going or come out of the blocks firing. Luckily it was the latter. Having a short rest from swimming really freshened me up. I had a very strong session and am feeling really good in the water at present.

Thursday was a very tough day. After not being out on the road for a week I decided to forgo the usual run off the bike following the interval session in the park and opted instead to continue riding. It was really good to get the extra KMs under the belt given I wasn’t going to be riding again until Tuesday. I managed to easily hold half ironman pace for all of the efforts which I was very happy with given how little riding I have been able to do in recent weeks.

Thursday night was the first hit out at our new run venue. Given it was the last evening run before daylight savings finished, coach had us do an out and back from Bronte along the coastal path to Coogee then run faster back. The goal was to run out in 35mins and back in 30mins. That usually means running back at a solid pace. The catch was the run started down hill before hitting the coast, whichIMG_5797 meant an uphill finish. Thanks to some pacing from one of my regular training partners Jase, we got back in just under 29 mins.

Friday was quite fun with the usual sprint session in the morning which was a little more brutal than usual but for some reason I really enjoyed it. After my flight to Melbourne and a couple of meetings I managed to catch up with a client for a quick run. He is a pure runner and the week prior held close to 4min KMs in a 16km charity run, so I knew I was in for some hurt. After a quick warm up, he took me up and down the Yarra and around The Tan at around my half ironman pace. He was happy to chat away while I was just trying to hang on as my legs were still feeling every bit of the uphill return leg from Coogee the night before.

Now back in Sydney I will be aiming to put two solid weeks of training together before heading to Nowra for another training race. After that I will be straight into an 8 week block in the lead up to IM70.3 Cairns which will include running the SMH Half Marathon in Mid May. I’m feeling fresh and ready to get stuck in!

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