Strength vs Speed

This weeks Stats:

  • Swim: 11,000m
  • Bike: 172km
  • Run: 32
  • Training Time: 14 hours

IMG_5392The post Geelong rebuild continued this week with a solid mix of strength and speed training sets. Tuesday’s bike set was Hopetoun hill repeats which is a go to around race time. It is a steady climb which can be quite quick when you have a good crack. It was follow up in the evening with the Mona’s Fartlek run set, aptly named after Steve Moneghetti. After some hill reps to warm up the set was hard efforts with 100% rest. So it if was a 90 second effort it was followed by a 90 second recovery jog. The set was 2×90 seconds, 4×60 seconds, 4×30 seconds and 4×15 seconds. It doesn’t sound too bad but by the end of it, the recovery efforts feel short and the efforts feel really long!

Wednesday’s pool set was a cracker, 5 sets of 6x100m on a descending time repeat. After missing some pool sets during my running recovery week, I dropped back to the medium lane and sat 1 baIMG_5393ck from the front. It was great to swim in control and work on my stroke rather than busting my ass and burying myself just to make the time repeat.

Thursday was back in the park for some speed work with 12km sets building speed. On my first fast lap I managed to match my PB with a 4:54 from flag poles to flag poles around the park. It wasn’t even my intention and I only realised on the home stretch that a sub 5 min lap was on the cards. The second flat out lap was a touch slower and the third was not worth mentioning as I had burned too many matches in the early fast laps. It was back to strength work on Thursday afternoon as we made our way across to the mighty Moore Park hill adjacent to the driving range for some hill repeats. I can tell you, the glutes were really feeling it the next day.

Saturday was the usual brick session, building speed on the bike followed by another fartlek set, this time with some longer intervals. The recovery swim saw the fast crew swim along Bondi Beach from North to South before IMG_5409swimming all the way out to the Shark Buoy for a sticky beak. After the customary photo shoot with Coach Spot, we then headed back to North Bondi. Sunday was a wet one and as I wasn’t feeling 100% I decided to test out my BKool Pro trainer that Bec got me for Christmas.

This thing is amazing. Rather than riding in a virtual world, you can sync your Strava files with Bkool and it recreates the ride for you. So over the last two months I have been saving some of my training sets for an occasion just like this to test them out. After some trial and error I took myself on in a 40km TT. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Plus I recommend that you get a strong fan to put in front of you as cranking the air con right up did little to keep me cool! Definitely going to give it another go next time the weather takes a turn.

Its going to be a big week ahead, getting the body dialled in for Wollongong Olympic Distance Champs next weekend.

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